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We currently have four female collie puppies (purebred, but not AKC) available. These little gals were born on April 15th, 2017.

These girls are being raised according to "Puppy Culture" protocol. If you want to learn more about Puppy Culture methods, here's a great link to more information.


Just a few of the aspects of this protocol include: 1)Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS)

 2) Emphasis on exposure to novel stimulus and early experiences to create a confident dog who looks at new experiences as enrichment opportunities instead of something to fear 3) Introduction to operant conditioning as a way to bond to and work with humans.

4) Early crate training

5) Introduction to leash walking


It also includes socialization with many different types of people!


All of these methods are aimed at raising a confident puppy who can fully participate in any activities that you or your family choose to enjoy.  They are raised in our home, experiencing all of the elements of a home environment. 

We feed the puppies (and their mom) a biologically appropriate raw diet for optimal physical health and development.  We use holistic veterinary care, and do not believe that puppies should be vaccinated before nine weeks old.  Because of this, we will discuss vaccination options with you as well as the safest pick-up date for the puppy.

Available Puppies

Meet the Little Lasses

This little girl was born first and is the biggest of the litter. We jokingly said she looked like a little opossum when she came out, and so we call her Awesome Possum. 

She's a bold girl, loves to play with her siblings, and is extremely people oriented. 

One of the most striking things about this little gal is her eyes. One is a deep blue and the other a bright blue.

Check out the cute little white mark on her nose too. This is the girl that looks most like daddy.


This beautiful little tricolor is Stella.  She LOVES people, even new people, and wants to be involved in whatever we are doing.  She is smart, and courageous, and I think she would excel in a dog sport, or on a farm.  She is spunky and likes to liven things up, but also settles nicely and is never too busy to come over to get the "people attention" that she loves.


This is Pi.  She is a beautiful cryptic harlequin sable merle.  Although she started as the smallest of the bunch, she quickly remedied that with her big appetite.

She's a sweet one. Although not at all shy, she's the calmest of the bunch with the most laid back disposition.  She is a confident girl, who is a thinker and quickly caught on to clicker training at 6 weeks old.


This is Mabel. We call her Mabel the Sable because she's a beautiful sable just like her mom. Mabel loves people and has never met a stranger.  She is bold and brave.  Although not hyper, she has a nice amount of "drive" and would like to do more than just be a couch potato.

Mabel is the explorer of the bunch. She loves to explore her surroundings and we often refer to her as "Dora the Explorer."


When barely able to walk, she would whine to be taken out of the whelping box so she could happily go exploring the wider world!


Meet the Sire and Dam

Dam: St. Roch's Genevieve

(Purebred, Non-registered)

The most striking characteristic about Genevieve is her biddable temperament and beautifully loving and social nature. 

She is the epitome of a traditional collie — family-oriented and extremely loyal. She is so gentle, loves kids, adores attention and can never get enough of it. She is fed a biologically appropriate raw food diet and enjoys excellent health.


  • PRA clear (Optigen test)

  • CEA non-affected carrier (Optigen test)

  • MDR1 M/M (WSU test)

Hips: X-ray evaluation by local vet showed

hips to be good. No evidence of dysplasia 

White factored mahogany sable

Sire: Romany's Loyal Smuggler "Davos"

(AKC Registered)

Owned by Sheila Cole, we were blessed to find Davos because he is such a beautiful and sweet boy. 

He's a kind and even tempered dog, who loves people, is very social, and is laid back and easy to live with.  


  • PRA clear (Optigen test)

  • CEA non-carrier (Optigen test)

  • MDR1 M/N (WSU test)

  • MM, GCS clear

OFA hips "Good", elbows normal

These puppies will be sold on a spay contract only. If you're interested in purchasing a puppy, contact us, and we will send you an application form to fill out, and a copy of our contract to review.

I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have. The best way to get in contact is through our form.  We are located in Wilsonville, Oregon. Sorry, no shipping of puppies, we must meet you in person.  

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